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Sorkin admits that he was more inclined to move the relationship forward, but, every time he discussed the possibility, fellow executive producer Thomas Schlamme would shout, "No! " "Besides", adds Sorkin, "Sexual and romantic tension is, to me, much more fun than taking the tension away by having the sex and romance".Other characters occasionally speculate on the pair's relationship.Later, on the Santos campaign trail, unbeknownst to Josh, Communications Director Louise "Lou" Thornton hires Donna as a campaign spokeswoman.Josh is initially upset with Lou for hiring Donna, and he implies in a tense conversation with Donna that he is reluctant to hire her since he feels betrayed by her decision to work for a competing candidate which he, her "mentor", did not support.Donna remains Josh's assistant during Josiah Bartlet's first presidential term and the beginning of his second.

However, personal attacks she made on Santos as Russell's press secretary force Josh to refuse her application, although he reveals during the job interview that he misses her "every day".

Josh discovers the deception but is somewhat amused by it and, impressed by her initiative, hires her.

It is mentioned that she briefly left the campaign to return to her boyfriend, but returned following an incident when, after Donna sprained her ankle in a car accident, her boyfriend chose to meet his friends for a drink rather than immediately pick her up from the hospital.

However, having become close to Helen Santos during the campaign, she is also offered the position of chief of staff to the first lady.

She chooses to accept this offer, feeling she cannot work for Josh while something is happening between them romantically.