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Be it with the Gories, the Screws, Blacktop, or now with the Dirtbombs, Collins is a fixture in the city's garage scene, and Dangerous Magical Noise -- like pretty much every other release to which he has attached his name -- proves that the man knows how to rock.There's plenty of straight-up garage (whatever that means) on Dangerous ...."Thunder in the Sky" (with its pilfering of "Raw Power"'s riff) and "I'm Through with White Girls" fill that bill.Listing off songs' traits is all well and good, but the real lesson to glean from Collins and the Dirtbombs is that you can't fake soul and you can't fake cool.The two-minute burst "Stuck in Thee Garage" could and should be the current revival scene's anthem; "Earthquake Heart" and "Motor City Baby"'s respective fuzz and jangle are timewarped straight outta 1965.And, of course, it wouldn't be a Detroit garage CD without a tip of the cap to the Stooges.Was the root of their quarrel a personality clash, was it over money or property, over love, ego, values?

Dangerous Magical Noise is an exciting, sweaty, loud, and dirty record, their best yet.As of September 2008 the band's lineup consists of Collins on guitar, (formerly of Ko & The Knockouts) on a distorted “fuzz” guitar, Zachary Weedon (of Lee Marvin Computer Arm and the Readies) on bass, and Ben Blackwell (owner of record label Cass Records) and Pat Pantano (formerly of the Come Ons) on the two drum sets.played bass from 1997 until 2004 and during that time Diamond also recorded and co-produced the Dirtbombs output with Mick Collins at his Ghetto Recorders studio in Detroit.With all the hype surrounding the White Stripes, it's easy to forget that the current Detroit renaissance was underway long before Jack and Meg woke up one morning and became critical darlings (though I'm risking a black eye courtesy of Jack if I don't at least give him some credit for the Detroit scene's revival).Of course, one of the city's leading lights, dating back to the mid-'80s, is Dirtbombs frontman Mick Collins, who's been rocking since Jack White was an upholsterer named John Gillis.As encyclopedic as Collins' knowledge of the last 40 years of garage is, he's equally hep to his city's R&B/soul scene.