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It's easy for people to change these values (perhaps for malicious purposes).

Dating type 1 diabetics

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We decided to get married (long story – ask me about it when we meet!) and went to great lengths to make this wedding as weird and wacky as it could be.(He still is, but eight years later it’s a different kind of adoration – you know what I mean! We were hanging out somewhere when I all of a sudden realised that he had gone quite pale and that, despite the cool Cape Town breeze, he was sweating. Not trying to worry me, he asked me to please find him some sugar as he was experiencing a sudden low blood sugar.My heart raced and the adrenalin kicked into overdrive – my immediate reaction was ‘RESCUE’!He showed up at my place clutching a bag of pretzels and a 2 liter bottle of Coke Light. ” I thought to myself – now here’s a man after my own heart!We settled on the sofa to watch one of two movies – his favourite (Old School) and my favourite (Kill Bill), munching and sipping away at the sugar-free drink. I remember focusing more on the proximity of his body to mine than on the scenes playing off on the box in front of us!At the same time, I let him get on with dealing with his diabetes.There’s a fine line between showing enough interest and being a control freak.

We’ve had diabetes intervene in many of our travels, parties, dinners, plans and actions, but it has never stopped us from doing anything.

As with any of these traits, our motto is, ‘We’ll deal with it’ and I think that these boys are immensely lucky to have a father who has learnt to live his life with diabetes as full-on and passionately as he has.

Everyone brings certain things into a relationship.

You bring your lessons, your experiences, and your expectations. I’m sure everyone is different when it comes to when they bring up the fact they have diabetes.

You bring emotional issues from your past, but also an excitement and hope for the future. For me, if the guy doesn’t already know, the topic comes up pretty quickly. ” is followed by a description of my current job followed by “and I write a blog.” That statement is naturally followed by “what do you blog about?