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Asp update not updating

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There are some rumours about a thread sync problem when its running on a separate thread. Keep this issue open for atleast a week, hopefully we can resolve it without having to poll (Thats just terrible). Current nightly is at v2.2.7, which requires VS2013 Update 3 RC.

One problem though, i pulled the source, its incompatible with VS 2013.. @Izikio the Coffee Script issue is fixed by v2.2.6 nightly (as we made major change by revamping the interaction with nodejs services).

One instance of the Script Manager must be placed on every page that uses AJAX.

The Script Manager control will be covered in detail in Chapter 5.

The same work fine on Windows 7 (which I am using these days for some reason) :) To recapitulate: Hi I tried implementing an instance of FSW to watch the same files. Sent from Windows Mail From: Mads Kristensen Sent: ‎Saturday‎, ‎August‎ ‎2‎, ‎2014 ‎4‎:‎20‎ ‎AM To: madskristensen/Web Essentials2013 Cc: Ashwin Suresh @Izikio Any update?

To order it, call (1-800-444-4443) or e-mail Customer Service and provide all contact information including your serial number.Also, i may just contribute to this amazing product at a later stage, bit busy at the moment. Either they fixed something or its a bug, its annoying and driving many people crazy (checkout stackoverflow for this issue).It seems like regression issue caused by some low-level change.I tested with your instructions and have to problem. As in under security, the user "Everyone" has been added with full permissions.If you just create css files instead of less and then make bundles, there seems to be a problem. Permissions are inherited, so i doubt its a file access issue (If that what u were thinking).This click-pause-flicker pattern is what the Update Panel helps you overcome.