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RCA Records is an American record label owned by Sony Music, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.It is one of Sony Music Entertainment's three flagship record labels, alongside Columbia Records and Epic Records.In September 1931, RCA Victor introduced the first 33⅓ rpm records sold to the public, calling them "Program Transcriptions".These used a shallower and more closely spaced implementation of the large "standard groove" found on contemporary 78 rpm records, rather than the "microgroove" used for post-World War II 33⅓ rpm "LP" (long play) records.During the early part of the depression, RCA made a number of attempts to produce a successful cheap label to compete with the "dime store labels" (Perfect, Oriole, Banner, Melotone, etc.).The first was the short-lived "Timely Tunes" label in 1931 sold at Montgomery Ward. Herold was born in New York City on 15 October 1907 but moved to New Jersey at an early age and attended the Newark public school system.Developing an early interest in radio, Herold became a radio amateur while in high school. and a Phi Beta Kappa key, Herold joined RCA as a development engineer at Harrison, N. He became known in the 1930's for the development of a number of receiving tubes and for his analyses of frequency converters and signal-to-noise problems.

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After completing graduate courses at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Herold earned an M. After the war, he became head of a tube research group which, in 1948, started transistor research at RCA.Herold became Director of one of the RCA Laboratories and, in the 1950-1952 period, this group exploited the alloy junction transistor by making thousands of units while others throughout the country were struggling to make tens or hundreds by the grown-junction process. Herold joined the staff of the Executive Vice President of Research and Engineering, later becoming Director, Technology, for the Corporation. An early member of the Institute of Radio Engineers, Herold was elected a Fellow in 1948 for his contributions to the field of vacuum tubes.The RCA success in devices led to a public demonstration in November 1952 of a large number of applications in almost every conceivable type of electronic apparatus, including the first all-transistor TV set. He retired from that post at age 65, in 1972, and afterward acted as an independent consultant. He was one of the founders of the Princeton Section, IRE, and was its Chairman in 1949.RCA also manufactured and distributed HMV classical recordings on the RCA and HMV labels in North America.During World War II, ties between RCA and its Japanese affiliate JVC were severed.He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Palisades Institute for Research Services, and is on the Engineering Foundation Board as one of the IEEE representatives. Herold was awarded the 1976 IEEE Founders Medal "For his outstanding contributions to the electrical engineering profession at large, and in particular his insight and leadership in the development of color television." Dr. He passed away on 1 July 1993 in Princeton, New Jersey.