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In other words, you determine in which file format the new (resulting) file is saved by specifying it in the Type parameter.

Updating row selected by cursor

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It's obvious Google's priority on this isn't particularly high, so rather than find a fix, I found a workaround.

The big breakthrough for me was finding out what the real cause of the problem was (see the accepted answer in this post ).

Essentially, instantiate Item only gets called when the view is instantiated and never again unless the view is destroyed (this is what happens when you override the get Item Position function to return POSITION_NONE).

Instead, what you want to do is save the created views and either update them in the adapter, generate a get function so someone else can update it, or a set function which updates the adapter (my favorite).

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Imagine for example that you have 100 pages with 100 1 - Your solution not only works like a charm I ran in exactly the problem you described here when I had to update pages which contained a tabs with listviews, textviews and images. After hours of frustration while trying all the above solutions to overcome this problem and also trying many solutions on other similar questions like this, this and this which all FAILED with me to solve this problem and to make the (); pager Items.add(new Pager Item("Fragment1", new My Fragment1())); pager Items.add(new Pager Item("Fragment2", new My Fragment2())); m Pager Pager Items(pager Items); m Pager Adapter.notify Data Set Changed(); This is the only solution worked for me too.If you have a simple View that contains only a few Text View or something like this, it's easy and the solutions posted here works.But if you have complex View like mine, and need to change the entire Fragment, I think that's impossible to do.So, in your My View Pager Adapter add a variable like: I had a similar problem in which I had four pages and one of the pages updated views on the other three.I was able to updated the widgets(Seek Bars, Text Views, etc.) on the page adjacent to the current page.It works but when the data change, the page will redraw obviously. Normally it is expected to be unique, but i suggest, for this case, that it just should be different from the previous value for the same page.